County government has a critical role in our lives and in ensuring the well-being of our neighbors. Her seat is key to maintaining the Democratic majority on the County Board of Legislators, and therefore maintaing the ability to exercise checks and balances on an anti-government Republican County Executive.

Since being elected, MaryJane has worked well with colleagues on both sides of the isle towards maintaining Westchester as the ideal community to live in. She serves on five standing committees: Legislation; Public Works, Parks, Labor, and Transportation: Government Reform, Efficiency, and Savings, Community Services; and Environment and Energy. Her unique positioning has led her to focus on real issues in county government rather than lofty and unrealistic campaign promises.

Maintaining County Infrastructure

One service that every resident sees direct benefit from is the County's wide infrastructure. Whether one walks, bikes, takes the bus, or drives, none of this is possible without our county's roads and bridges. So MaryJane goes to great length to make sure County infrastructure is safe, sound, and efficient. She is spearheading the Saw Mill River Advisory Board (SWAB), which has sparked a newly invigorated effort to combat chronic flooding along the Saw Mill River, to the detriment of scores of residents throughout the county.

Making Westchester More Inclusive

Every Westchester resident deserves the ability to seek police protection without fear of being arrested themselves.  Because we need to make Westchester both safe and inclusive, MaryJane was a proud co-sponsor of the Westchester Immigrant Protection Act which will ensure that all Westchester residents can contact law enforcement without fear of immigration consequences.

Holding Drug Companies Accountable

The Opioid Epidemic has taken too many Westchester residents too early in life.  In 2015 alone, 107 Westchester residents died from drug overdoses.  MaryJane sponsored legislation that would allow the County to file suit against Pharmaceutical Companies for deceptive practices by promoting the over-prescription of pain killers.  MaryJane believes that the time has come for Westchester to hold drug companies accountable for the harm that they have done to our citizens. 

Reducing Spending Through Environmental Initiatives

Two issues at the heart of many Westchester voters are taxation and the environment. MaryJane recognizes that while taxes are high, recklessly slashing spending and services is not a responsible way to to reduce tax burdens, and that such a method will undoubtedly lead to cuts in environmental programs that residents hold dear. Therefore, MaryJane has looked for ways to accomplish real progress on both fronts. By increasing efficiency, like utilizing fuel efficient vehicles in the County Fleet, or mandating new environmental programs, like implementing mulching initiatives on County land, thereby reducing waste disposal costs, the County can realistically cut spending - and thereby reduce the tax burden - while keeping Westchester a great place to live and breath.  MaryJane has also taken a leading role in promoting energy efficient lighting and solar panels across the County to ensure that Westchester does its part in keeping our planet clean and green.

Promoting Intergovernmental Cooperation and Coordination

Most towns and villages want their own local departments; but can a local department afford their own police helicopter?  Instead, the County has a few helicopters on hand, which local police departments can call upon if needed.  The County also has specialized dive teams, and patrols the parkways.  Should each Town have its own community college, or does it make sense to pool resources into one Westchester Community College? Through intergovernmental cooperation and coordinations, governments at all levels can work together to reduce costs and increase efficiency across the board.

The Bottom Line

We need to make sure the Republican County Executive is not taking services, such as neighborhood health centers for Greenburgh’s women and children, nor environmental programs for Greenburgh's watersheds, nor infrastructure spending from everyone. But we must care for the most vulnerable among us while not making further demands on our hardpressed homeowners, most of whom cannot afford higher taxes. We need to apply core Democratic values to today’s economic crisis.

We must never sacrifice public welfare, public health, or public safety.

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