Westchester County government plays an integral role in our day-to-day lives and in ensuring the well-being of our neighbors. Since she was first elected as County Legislator in 2011, MaryJane Shimsky has worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to uphold our quality of life, public health, and safety, implement prudent fiscal oversight, and undertake pro-active infrastructure repairs and environmental measures. She is Chair of the Committee on Public Works and a member of the Committees on Appointments; Environment, Health and Energy; Law and Major Contracts; Legislation; Parks, Planning and Economic Development; Public Safety; Seniors and Constitiuencies; and Social Services. She is also Chair of the Saw Mill River Watershed Advisory Board (SWAB) and Co-chair of the Bronx River Advisory Board (BRAB). MaryJane's unique positioning has enabled her to focus on issues that impact Westchester residents on a daily basis.

Maintaining County Infrastructure

Whether one walks, bikes, takes the bus, or drives, it is likely some portion of that trip will utilize a county road or bridge. MaryJane is committed to ensuring our infrastructure is well maintained and efficient. Recent accomplishments include the rebuilding of the Ashford Avenue Bridge and the renovation of the Spray Deck and Competition Pool at Sprain Ridge Park. A new package of $25 million in County road repairs is slated to begin in late 2019 and early 2020. 
A County of over 950,000 people cannot thrive without a properly functioning sewer and wastewater treatment system, which MaryJane oversees as a key responsiblity under her purview as Public Works Chair. She has also spearheaded the Saw Mill River Watershed Advisory Board (SWAB), coordinating efforts among multiple stakeholders to combat chronic flooding that is an urgent concern for scores of residents, businesses, first responders, and environmentalists spanning from New Castle to Yonkers.

Making Westchester More Inclusive

Every resident deserves the ability to seek police protection or to give witness testimony without fear of being arrested due to their immigration status.  MaryJane was a proud co-sponsor of the Westchester Immigrant Protection Act (IPA), which restricts County-funded law enforcement from assisting ICE on federal immigration actions. Most critically, the IPA ensures that all county residents can have access to law enforcement without the inherent risk of immigration consequences—making Westchester more safe for everyone.

Holding Drug Companies Accountable

The opioid epidemic has taken the lives of too many of our family, friends, and neighbors too early in life.  In 2015 alone, 107 Westchester residents died from drug overdoses.  MaryJane sponsored legislation that would allow the County to file suit against pharmaceutical companies for deceptive practices that promoted the over-prescription of pain killers.  It is time for Westchester to hold drug companies accountable for the harm they have done to our citizens. 

Reducing Spending Through Environmental Initiatives

Two issues at the heart of many Westchester voters are taxation and the environment. MaryJane recognizes that, while taxes are high, recklessly slashing spending and services is not a responsible way to reduce tax burdens. Such an approach would only lead to cuts in environmental and other programs that residents rightly hold dear. Instead, MaryJane has looked for ways to accomplish real progress on both fronts. By mandating new environmental programs, such as implementing mulching on County land, Westchester can reduce its waste disposal costs—and thereby relieve the tax burden—while becoming an even better place to live and breathe.  By increasing the number of available charging stations, county residents and employees can more readily utilize the full range of electric vehicles commercially available.  MaryJane has also taken a leading role in promoting the installation of solar panels and energy efficient lighting to ensure that Westchester does its part to reduce emissions and save money by greening its own facilities.

Promoting Intergovernmental Cooperation and Coordination

Most towns and villages choose to maintain their own local police departments, but a local municipal force cannot afford its own police helicopter, dive team, parkway patrol, bomb squad, HAZMAT team, or arson unit.  Instead, the County maintains these services for local police departments to call upon when needed.  Through intergovernmental cooperation and coordination, all levels of local government can work together to reduce costs and increase efficiency across the board.

The Bottom Line

During her time in office, MaryJane has developed a considerable depth of knowledge about how Westchester County works and a track record of getting things done.  She has built productive working relationships with contituents, representative groups, county workers, colleagues in both parties, and an executive branch that understands the importance of a well-run county government in the lives of its residents. With County Executive George Latimer as a partner, MaryJane and the Westchester County Board of Legislators have the ability to rebuild our infrastructure and update our long-term approaches to environmental policy, public health, fiscal planning, and the full complement of services that the County can best provide. 
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